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Alex Sala - Game Systems Engineering

Designer and Developer of high-performance gaming and entertainment content and toolsets

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Building House Advantage

As an SDK Engineer for AGS, Alex's game features, backend libraries and developer tools have been utilized by game studios around the world and deployed in hundreds of real-money games in major casinos & resorts.

Among the most notable are Alex's design and development of feature-sets deployed in all AGS's entertainment signage products, features used to generate and synchronize 2D, 3D, Animation and Audio content in a multiplayer style, as well as leading efforts to bring games to the new and popular HHR market.

Seamless Gaming Content

The release of AGS's Starwall visual system served as the catalyst of a new age of entertainment content in slots. Alex served as the lead designer of a total ground-up system for multiplayer-style synchronization of game content including frame-perfect video and audio across AGS's suite of devices.

These efforts resulted in numerous patents sought by AGS, along with a line of content and developer tooling which is under constant expansion even today.

Read Starwall's Feature in Casino Player Magazine [Link]

Top Motorsports Pedigree

Before entering the Software industry, Alex climbed to the highest levels of professional motorsport. Alex had stints on championship teams like Flying Lizard Porsche and Audi Joest Racing, before founding his own outfit, 7th Axis Motorsports, providing race & championship winning engineering, coaching and tuning, as well as being nationally ranked himself.

In this world, Alex developed his techniques of performance design, systems thinking, teamwork and precise execution which he applies in software today.

Custom Toolsets

Alex enjoys making and maintaining his own custom set of tools including procedural navigation and music tools, custom unity editor windows, and more.

Among the more advanced is the "Apogee Graph" toolset, a custom scripting set which allows visual behavior and logic graphing at a higher level than traditional visual scripting, and which is enables configuring complex gameplay behavior sets, and supports Runtime-Updates/Hot-Reload.

In The Community

No matter whether in race cars or high-pace gaming development, Alex has always placed great importance on sharing knowledge, and passing on learning or advice, however large or small.

Alex has donated his time to teach at both the high school and college undergraduate levels of education, and has been welcomed back as a guest speaker and gaming contest judge at his Alma Mater, KSU.

In addition, Alex has spoken and donated time at software quality associations, as well as for business and technology talk shows.

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