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Armchair Games was founded in 2017 with the goal of both producing exciting new in-house games and also providing a service by which other businesses could have access to modern game and app design consulting, production and services.

In this way, Armchair is truly a "Hybrid Studio" because it is able to draw from its own projects and experiences in order to better serve its outside customers. Similarly, experience with our customers helps Armchair better understand the breadth of media markets outside of gaming alone.

In order to address the world of game and app design as a truly global marketplace, Armchair also leverages international experience and access to broad personnel solutions to fit any design challenge. 


Meet the Founder - Alex Sala

Prior to his entry into the world of software and game design, Alex worked in the professional motorsports industry as an engineer, tuner and driver coach. 

In founding Armchair Games, Alex brings his wholistic,  complex-systems focused approach required in motorsports into game development. This is coupled with tested and proven techniques for teamwork and efficiency in high-pressure situations where failure is not a option, and constant innovation is a fact of life. 

As a lifelong gamer, Alex designs by combining this discipline with passion for the excitement of virtual worlds and the stories they tell. For inspiration, Alex often uses his travels to other countries. He has spent significant time in Japan specifically, absorbing its tech culture and working philosophy.


Outside of Armchair, Alex contributes his time to public speaking at the Atlanta Quality Assurance Association and other public information channels.  

Process Profile -Integrated Design

In the design of interactive media such as games and apps, some of the greatest challenges to a project's success are those related to a failure to properly understand the ripple effect of early design decisions. Several recent, high-profile gaming flops have shown that we all must continue to strive as developers for a more thorough design and planning culture. 

At Armchair Games, Integrated Design starts with a thorough investigative phase, in which the direct project requirements considered alongside factors such as differences in regional markets and tastes, or the likely future direction of public interest. It is furthered by not simply settling for signing off on an idea, but instead probing it, questioning it through business, game-play design, and cultural lenses to ensure that major features are correct the first time around. 

We are dedicated to spending thought and study capital on the front end, to avoid the delays and feature culls which cost monetary capital on the back end. 

Lens 2 :

Regional and Cultural analysis and evaluation.

Lens 3:

Product lifespan Business and Monetization analysis.

Lens 1 :

Initial project plan "Investigation and Discovery"

Lens 4:

Interactive Trends and Evolution analysis.

Info & Contact

Message Sent! We will contact you soon regarding your inquiry.

Armchair Games is available for consulting on game and app design as well as contract services from single developer to full process titles. 

Armchair is also currently seeking partners and opportunities to expand its reach and enable the publishing of more contract & in-house titles in addition to development of some of our proprietary disruptive gaming technologies. 

For general information or to inquire about any of the above opportunities or services, use this form or send directly to :

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