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The Hybrid Model

In the areas of game and app design, two business models have been at the forefront for some time now: The "Job Shop", which takes customer contracts and creates content for clients, and the "In-House" studio, which focuses on internal titles and IP. In a typical studio, one of these business ideologies is dominant.

Armchair Games was established with the goal of finding a more symbiotic balance between these two ideologies. From its inception, Armchair has been structured to integrate these models, melding gaming and business needs.


In this way, Armchair is truly a "Hybrid Studio" because it is able to draw from its own projects and experiences in order to better serve its outside customers. Similarly, experience with our customers helps Armchair better understand the breadth of media markets outside of gaming alone.

In order to address the world of game and app design as a truly global marketplace, Armchair also leverages international experience and access to broad personnel solutions to fit any design challenge. The result is a studio with a very wide knowledge-base, and the ability to handle projects which require experience in many disciplines.

In House Games & Apps


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Customer Games & Apps


Meet The Founder -

Alex Sala

Prior to his entry into the world of software and game design, Alex worked in the professional motorsports industry as an engineer, tuner and driver coach. 

In founding Armchair Games, Alex brings his wholistic,  complex-systems focused approach required in motorsports into game development. This is coupled with tested and proven techniques for teamwork and efficiency in high-pressure situations where failure is not a option, and constant innovation is a fact of life. 

As a lifelong gamer, Alex designs by combining  discipline with passion for the excitement of virtual worlds and the stories they tell. For inspiration, Alex often uses his travels to other countries. He has spent significant time in Japan specifically, absorbing its tech culture and working philosophy.


Outside of Armchair, Alex contributes his time to public speaking at the Atlanta Quality Assurance Association and other public information channels.  

The Best of Both Worlds

In House Games - Armchair has several titles in the works. Come see our most recently announced game, Shard Infinite.

Client Projects - Armchair offers a range of services. From consulting to full process dev. Let us build your next big idea.

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