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Services We Offer

Consulting - Business and technical planning and advising for interactive content, games, game-like apps and digital initiatives.

Bring your own ideas or just your business goals, and let us help you find the right solution.

Full Process Development - Design, Present, Code, Test and Support of interactive content and games.

Do you have an IP or brand identity and a need for interactive solutions ? We can make it come to life!

Platform and Country Analysis - Thinking of taking your brand to a new platform,  or to a new country? Prepare a road-map with us to stay ahead of potential technical and cultural challenges.

Our Process

In the design of interactive media such as games and apps, some of the greatest challenges to a project's success are those related to a failure to properly understand the ripple effect of early design decisions.  

At Armchair Games, any project starts with a thorough investigative phase, in which the direct project requirements are considered alongside factors such as differences in regional markets and tastes, or the likely future direction of public interest. It is furthered by not simply signing off on an idea, but instead probing and questioning it through business, game-play design, and cultural lenses to ensure that major features are correct the first time around. 

We are dedicated to spending thought and study capital on the front end, to avoid the delays and feature culls which cost monetary capital on the back end. 

We then support our plan with properly metered development timelines, testing and roll-out profiles that match customer expectations. Our applications are built with the future in mind, so you can scale with success instead of starting over.


Digital Interactive Discovery & Initial plan.

Product Business, Platform & Lifespan plan.

Build & Test

Build-out with verification & Client test.

Testing and Revision program per plan.


Roll-out assistance and functionality verification.

Continuing support and enhancements per plan.

Let's Get Started!

Armchair is excited to hear about your goals and ideas, and to provide solutions to your most challenging projects.

Get in touch with us, and start putting the gaming world to work for your company!

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