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A Shattered Past


"They say it was made long ago, by the Apostles a test for Humanity..."

The 14 Apostles... Not much is known about these legendary figures of history. We know they were the reason we survived the War of Shadows. It is said that they were each the master of one of life's great secrets, the Arcana. We have the most fragmented of records about their deeds. We also know that, like all humanity before and since, the men and women who became known as the 14 Great Apostles lived, and died...

But before they faded from life into the pages of history, the Apostles left behind a test of the most mortal and incredible kind. A place which separates the strong from the weak, and the wise from the foolish.

An ever changing underworld known as Shard Infinite.


Gear Up, Adventurer!


"...Shard Infinite allows all to enter, but whether you leave is up to you... Better take something sharp..."

For centuries since the time of the Apostles, adventurers have proved themselves in the depths of Shard Infinite. Some search for rare and valuable rewards, while others seek the powers of Arcana. Still more search for the truth of the past, or a vision of the future. 

Whatever your goals, if you hope to achieve them, you will need to be well armed. Choose between several types of weaponry and combat styles. Develop and modify your favorite weapons with Affixes that help express the traits you will rely on to survive, floor after floor.


The Power of Arcana


"...Each Arcana is connected to a trait of human conscience... Shard Infinite brings out those traits, sometimes by choice, sometimes by force...

Temperentia or Ira, Humilitas and Supurbia? Ever since the days of the Apostles, many have sough the powers of  the 14 Arcana. As you journey through the halls of Shard Infinite, you'll find the will to control these  secrets. 

The Arcana you choose will grant you immense powers of every kind,  but in exchange, you must devote your work in shard infinite to them. Both the good, and the bad...


an Infinite Mystery 

"No two find the same thing down in those depths... As if Shard Infinite knows each challenger..."

Delve into floor after floor of ever-changing dungeon. Each journey and challenge will be unique. There is no guidebook where you are going!

The maze of Shard Infinite is built to challenge even the most Savvy adventurers. If you aren't careful about marking your path and staying calm, you could find yourself forever lost in the depths, and if you fail, you could lose everything...

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